Custom Braces

Orthodontic Treatments in Sheffield Village, OH

At Custom Orthodontics, Dr. Thomas Herberger is proud to provide children and adults alike with braces custom-made to meet their individual needs. Dr. Herberger gives each patient the personal attention they deserve in order to help them achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. Using the newest tools and most up-to-date techniques, he custom-makes every brace and wire used on his patients.

Take the first step towards correcting your smile by scheduling a free initial consultation with Dr. Herberger. Call us today at (440) 695-0092 and a friendly staff member will be happy to assist you.

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What are Braces?

Dental braces are devices used in the field of orthodontics that align and straighten teeth to produce an even bite and ultimately improve overall oral health. Braces, which are made of brackets that attach to the front of the tooth, are most commonly worn during the teenage years. However, adults can greatly benefit from wearing braces as well.

Types of Braces

The type of braces worn depends on a patient’s specific needs and style preferences. Options include:





What are the benefits?

The benefits of wearing braces goes far beyond just improving the appearance of a patient’s smile:

  Straighter teeth

  Proper jaw alignment

  Better biting & chewing habits

  Closes large gaps & spaces

  Greater self-esteem

  Prevent future dental health issues

  Allows the general dentist to provide better restoration for a patient’s teeth

  & more!