Why Choose Custom Orthodontics?

Why Choose Custom Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is more than just the process of straightening and realigning the teeth or jaw. It’s also a great way to enhance one’s self-image. Orthodontic treatment can be done at any age but the sooner a bite or alignment issue is addressed, the greater chance there is for maximum dental health.

While some orthodontic care can be provided by a regular dentist, we at Custom Orthodontics: Dr. Thomas Herberger, Inc. highly encourage seeing an orthodontist. Dr. Herberger and other orthodontic specialists have the extensive and specialized training necessary to provide their patients with professional treatments, such as custom braces and Invisalign clear aligners.

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What sets Custom Orthodontics apart from other offices is that we guarantee our doctor performs all of the chairside work for our patients. Dr. Thomas Herberger customizes all wires placed. It’s a custom, personal approach to orthodontic care that patients can trust.

At Custom Orthodontics, we use the newest technology to help us provide our patients with the best, most efficient service possible. We have experience treating patients of all ages. Our family business offers a warm, welcoming environment and will go above and beyond to enhance our patients’ smile.

For an orthodontist that caters to a patient’s specific needs and will personally assist with a financial agreement, look no further than Custom Orthodontics in Sheffield Village, Ohio. To schedule a free initial consultation or your next appointment, call our office today at (440) 695-0092.